Nothing that God has created exists without a plausible reason. Don’t we get amazed when we look at God’s creations? For instance, why do we hear birds’ singing as soon as the sun rises every morning? Ask a tiny child and even s/he can tell us that the singing of birds is a way with which they say their prayers. Let’s focus our attention on why the universe was created.

Rick Warren in his book The Purpose Driven Life writes: “You are not an accident, even before the universe was created, God had you in the mind, and He planned you for His purpose.” This statement raises issues like why are we here. The reason lies in the fact that God created universe for a particular purpose. We are not here just to eat, drink and sleep; but in fact the goal of our lives is to worship our Creator and to understand His greatness.

Don’t we get pleasantly surprised when our eyes see the green mountains whose peaks touch the clouds, the endless, deep rivers and oceans, the beautiful valleys, and the perfectly planned solar system? All such creations make us realise the greatness of God. Science has advanced tremendously over the years but scholars and scientists are yet to fully grasp the concept of God. Despite the fact that the universe is the creation of God, thoughts like how the whole universe came into being always puzzle many a man.

It’s now time to understand human anatomy and physiology. Have we ever wondered why a newborn usually arrives in the world headfirst? The reason is that the human pelvis is shaped in such a way that it holds the head in place. The whole process of childbirth which causes immense labour pain to mothers has its own significance. As the baby passes from the birth canal, its chest squeezes out the fluid which s/he inhaled inside the uterus in order to prevent breathing complications. Do we know why the newborn cries right after its birth? So that his/her respiratory mechanism can be initiated as soon as possible as s/he is no longer dependent on the mother. This shows that everything happens for a reason.

We as individuals always find ourselves in complex social relationships. Throughout the journey of life we interact with several people. As a result, we often act as colleagues, friends, co-workers or employees. We befriend some people because of the certain characteristics that they embody. On the other hand, we don’t like some people because of the negative traits that we think they have. At times when we do not like certain people because of some of their traits, it also teaches us a lesson that these particular traits present in a person must be avoided in order to maintain a good and healthy relationship. On the other hand, with some people we don’t even hesitate to share many of our great moments. Lines from a poem by Russell Kelfer touches upon this subject in a distinct manner, “You are who your are for reasons. You are a part of an intricate plan.”

Again, all of this is in accordance with God’s plans. When we meet someone who understands our inner selves, it also happens according to God’s wishes. In millions of people, only a few share our love and emotions with us. People have life-long commitments with the ones who they believe can be best soul mates. But then there are people who suffer breakups. Things like these also happen for a reason.

Let’s now concentrate on some of the usual happenings in our everyday lives. Each one of us has certain dreams. And we all passionately wish that our dreams come. Sometimes Lady Luck smiles on us and our prayers are answered, but sometimes our wishes don’t come true. Clever minds find a reason for it. It’s often said, “Whatever happens, happen for good.” Instead showing discourteous attitude towards God, we need to understand that either our wishes weren’t in our favour or God has something better for us. Often we struggle and our prayers don’t get answered. We need to understand that prayers never go unanswered. God does listen to our prayers, but it is in His best judgment when to answer those prayers.

Courtesy: Nousheen Alwani